Position: Expatriate General Manager

BackgroundOur Client is a small but ambitious wholly indigenous composite oil and gas servicing company located in Port Harcourt, Southern Nigeria.  The company currently has an Expat Head of Engineering, Nigerian Departmental Heads and wishes to hire an additional Expat General Manager that is affordable and willing to grow with a young growing company. The General Manager would be given free hand to apply their initiative, innovation and best management measures to grow the company's clientele and overall business base.

Our desired candidate must have a degree in mechanical, electrical/electronics or civil engineering with an MSc in any of the stated Engineering fields in addition to an MBA.  They can be professionally certified and have minimum of 3 years of experience in a structured upstream or downstream oil and gas or similar industry. They must have knowledge of rotating equipment, pipe installations, its functions and maintenance; and must possess strong leadership qualities, be visionary and result oriented.

Job Purpose:

The Expart General Manager is directly in charge, responsible and accountable for the overall operations, performance and growth results of the company, making decisions at the highest executive level and providing the desired leadership initiatives. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

Represents company at the highest levels of engagement including among the public, all stakeholders, business partners and clients.
Ensure growth of the business by forming productive partnerships.
Continually review the company’s systems and processes to keep up to date with best operational practices.
Guide the firm’s partners to impart skills and knowledge required to execute specific projects. 
Maintain contact and productive networking to generate goodwill for the company among the sector, government, communities and the public. 
Collaborate with HR and other heads to supervise and manage the staff, pay their salaries and ensure that they are well motivated and work productively for the company and for themselves.
Direct and coordinate the activities of all departments, ensuring that all heads meet the overall business goals and objectives of the company.
Takes the initiative to chart blueprint to strategize the company in the direction of best practice and high competitiveness among peers.
Brings new and innovative ideas to the business while continually looking for opportunities to expand and create goodwill for the company in the market and at the highest levels of engagement.
Supervises the progress of individual departments to ensure that they meet up with defined targets and the overall progress and that, guidance and training is provided for any staff needed to excel in their jobs.
Sets overall business goals and assigns targets to the various heads to accomplish within specified timeline.
Ensure that heads operate within budgets as specified and produce high performance targets in accordance with the set mission and vision of the company.
Network with other potential clients and competitors in the market and get business tactics and ideas from them to further the interest of the company. 
Direct and guide the day to day running of the operations of the company guided by timelines, prudence, integrity, honesty, and transparent accountability; setting examples in all spheres of leadership and guidance. 
Run an open door policy to encourage innovative ideas from the employees and implement them for the benefit of the company.
Gives required presentations and generates reports for the reference of the company, Chairman and the Directors.
Plan and implement the annual calendar of activities including fund raising initiatives, special events and the official administrative acts.
Setting company-wide Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to guide the various Heads and provide for performance measurement and monitoring.
Works with the Finance Controller and all heads to prepare the annual budgets, monitor and see to its effective and transparent implementation.

Required job experience:  

Visible leadership experience within challenging performance environments.
Should encompass high leadership qualities and decision taking ability. 
Enthusiastic and ability to create motivation amongst the staff and the company.
Ready to take challenges and manage difficult situations with calmness and integrity.
Should be willing to work for extended hours and possess expert management skills.
Should believe in team work and effectively interact with the clients and employees.
Strong business development sense, goal-oriented and a good communicator.
Good financial management skills.

Salary, Benefit and Conditions:

Salary is competitive depending on qualification and experience.

Job Location: Port Harcourt      

Method of Application:  

Interested candidates who meet the above criteria are invited to apply online by clicking the link below and following the instructions. Based on Client’s equal opportunity policy, female candidates are highly encouraged to apply.





  • EXPATRIATE GENERAL MANAGER is urgently needed for Immediate Employment at Port Harcourt Location.
  • Job has expired!

  • HEAD, HUMAN RESOURCES is urgently needed for Immediate Employment at Port Harcourt, Sapele & Warri Location.
    Job has expired!

  •  SUPERMARKET CASHIER, is urgently needed for Immediate Employment at Abuja Location.
  • Job has expired! 

  • SUPERMARKET SUPERVISOR, is urgently needed for Immediate at Abuja Location.
  • Job has expired!

  •  DIGITAL MARKETER, is urgently needed for Immediate Employment at Lagos Location.
  • Job has expired!


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