We design Total Compensation programs and Pay Scales that balance employee needs with the organization’s strategic goals resulting to increased organization value. In doing this we consider our client’s size, industry, budget and capacity. We help your decision process by offering different pay mix models and encouraging you to select the most applicable to your situation. We also do salary surveys by gathering, analyzing and summarizing compensation data of identified peers with our clients’ organizations. The data forms the basis to compare salaries and to know where your compensation stands amongst your constituent.

For example in coordinating the PACFaHproject, the dRPC engagedour companybetween 22 February and March 5th 2016 to conduct a staff skills matrix for three (3) positions amongst 21 employees of various NGOs, and to Design and conduct a benchmarking study of the – a) salaries b) development sector and to present the draft report and comparative slides to the Gates Foundation at Abuja in March 2016.

Our company executed the consultancy successfully and made the presentation to the Gates Foundation as was required; which provided the scientific basis that was needed to make sound personnel decisions for the PACFaH project.

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